Ground and Background

Ground and Background for surround sound and four video screens (10mins)
(This excerpt is edited for stereo reproduction and one video screen.)

'Ground and Background' was composed for Perisonic, a themed concert in which three composers reimagined the Dublin cityscape as an immersive audio-visual experience for surround sound and four video projections in three movements.

Each movement expands on the metaphor of journeying through the urban environment. In movement 2, 'Ground and Background', the listener is jolted through a fragmented cityscape reconstructed through jump cuts. Footsteps and other short impulsive sounds are closely recorded in a variety of exterior spaces, and are contrasted with a continuously evolving distant background. We listeners transverse an imaginary cityscape in which local details become mirrored by their context; foreground footsteps accumulate into dense cycloramas, and backgrounds fold into localised impulses.

Perisonic was commissioned by Dublin Sound Lab and produced by Sabina Bonnici. The video part was photographed and edited by Mihai Cucu. Gráinne Mulvey and Scott McLaughlin composed Perisonic movements 1 and 3, respectively.